The EU liquidation of assets continues.

by Lurk 26. May 2012 14:28

Silver and Gold still not catching a bid. Both right about at support. Waiting on Greece to default and the eventual liquidity injection.


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Seeking safety in treasuries

by Lurk 26. May 2012 14:21


10 year US Treasury rates caught in a accelerating downward channel.


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Back test complete

by Lurk 26. May 2012 07:36

Broke through one level of support. Sitting at support (1.25), long way down if this support breaks.


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EUR/USD getting scary

by Lurk 14. May 2012 06:53




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Kyle Bass: Nov. 2012

by Lurk 12. May 2012 10:45


The 2011 University of Virginia Investing Conference was held November 10th & 11th at the Darden School of Business. This year's theme was "The Political Cycle, Political Change and Investing.

In this video, Kyle Bass, Managing Partner of Hayman Capital Management LP, is interviewed by Darden Professor Ken Eades.

Kyle spoke at the conference on "Debt Sustainability: Which Countries Are Beyond the Point of Return and Why".




Test MP3 player

by Lurk 12. May 2012 10:09

ABBA rules! (this is just a test)



Test embed Static chart

by Lurk 12. May 2012 08:41


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